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Frederica Tucker

The mission of the Children’s Ministries is to reach out to children and to draw them into a loving, safe and productive relationship with Jesus Christ, their church and their communities; to make their relationship with Jesus real by assisting them in learning how to develop and nurture their kinship with Jesus; to train, resource, and support those who minister to the children.

Our leaders this year are:

  • Doreen Williams-James (St. Georges)
  • Verlette Wilson (Devonshire)
  • Brenda Harris-Burchall (Pembroke)
  • Neil Ratteray (Hamilton)
  • Carolyn Webbe (Southampton)
  • Sheena Smith (Restoration)
  • Alana Masters (Rockaway)
  • Alethea Gooden (Somerset.)

Recently the North American Division held its “Go Fish” Children’s Ministries Convention on November 8-11, 2007, at the Drayson Center, Loma Linda, California. The Drayson Center Gymnasium was transformed into an undersea adventure for over 400 eager and excited adults, just waiting to splash into new ideas to assist our children.

The purpose of the convention was to inspire, train, resource, and support those who minister to children. With more than 125 workshops to choose from, and only four days to accomplish the task, the decision was not an easy one, to find out which ones would best benefit our local conference.

The decision was made with the four that attended from Bermuda, would divide and conquer as many workshops as possible. Some of the Fishing Clinics were both Basic and Advanced Certification levels in Puppet Ministry, Clown Ministry, Protecting Children from Harm-Child Abuse Prevention, Kids in Discipleship, Kids Prayer Ministry, Mentoring & Tutoring Program, Children with Special Needs and Ministry to Children of Inmates, just to name a few.

During the general sessions for morning and evening worship, key-note speakers included Craig Jutila of the Saddleback church, Shirani de Alwis-Chand, Chirs Oberg, Wintley Phipps, and Jose Rojas, affirmed our commitment to serving our Lord and Savior through the Children’s Ministries departments around our world.

It is with this in mind, that I would like to encourage everyone who works with children in any capacity, to attend these conventions, to open your minds and hearts to the awesome work that God has entrusted to you, so that you maybe equipped, effective and competent in your work for God.

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The internet, as a widespread and often readily available resource, presents a host of possibilities and challenges for young users. We understand this, and are committed to providing an online experience for children that is safe and rewarding. Children who visit our Web site are free to access the various features our site offers without disclosing any personal information. Neither do we solicit or knowingly collect any information directly from children or passively through the use of cookies. Should it ever come to our attention that a child’s personal information has in some way been provided to us, we will immediately delete that information. Persons having any questions or concerns about our privacy policy may contact our Webmaster at the contact information provided below.

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