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Pastor Kenneth Manders
Executive Secretary
Roslyn Amory
Administrative Secretary

The Bermuda Conference secretary’s office works very closely with the president’s office. The second officer of the conference provides leadership, direction, and coordination in a collaborative manner consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the conference.
The secretary’s office is primarily responsible for general administrative and management functions and has direct responsibility for matters related to strategic planning, policy review and counsel, and statistical management. The secretary records the proceedings of all official conference executive and administrative committees, and furnishes copies to all members of the executive committee and to the union conference. The secretary collects such data as may be desired by the president or the executive committee. The person holding the position of secretary serves as an executive officer and vice-chair of the executive committee. The person should have good conceptual skills and the ability to grasp the complex situations that may occur in the organization and focus on problems in a way that both become vision and strategy.
Pastor Kenneth Manders, biographical information - Pastor Manders serves as the executive secretary of the Bermuda Conference.

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