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Dwight Nelson Speaks at Bermuda Conference Fall Fest

Dwight Nelson, senior pastor at Pioneer Memorial church in Berrien Springs, Michigan, preached a weekend series entitled, "When Mercy Came a Runnin’ " during Bermuda Conference’s Fall Fest on November 16-17, 2007.

The Friday evening session began with the topic, "When Mercy Grows on Trees." Nelson expounded on six surprises found in the first chapter of Matthew. Jesus’ family tree oozed with mercy as the likes of Tamara, Rahab, and Ruth the Moabite are prominently displayed as a part of the genealogy of Jesus.

Sabbath dawned bright and beautiful as the early morning service began at eight o’clock. Costa Vaggas, a lay evangelist from the United Kingdom, led the congregation in another spiritual feast. During the eleven o’clock service Nelson continued the series and proclaimed to the congregation that mercy "comes a runnin’" to anyone who wants it. He reminded us that God in Christ is interceding with his Father for men to be reconciled to Him.

Another highlight of the service was the presence of the Premier of Bermuda, Ewart Brown, J. P., M. P. He addressed the congregation and thanked them for their support and prayers during his years of service to the country. He was accompanied by Senator Wayne Caines, a member of the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church. Also attending were members of the Opposition Party, led by their leader, Michael Dunkley, J.P., M. P., who also addressed the congregation. Wayne Furbert, M.P. the former Opposition Leader, sang to the delight of the audience, "My Living Shall Not Be in Vain."

The last sermon of the series, preached on Sabbath evening, let the audience know that mercy comes full circle. If we do not extend mercy to others, then mercy cannot be extended to us. All indications are that many were blessed by this series and are already asking the conference administration to consider a similar event again next fall.

Sheila Holder, communication director
Bermuda Conference


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