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Sheila Holder, Director                                                 Randolph Wilson, Associate Director


The commission found in Matthew 28:19 commands us to go and make disciples of all men. This cannot be done without effective communication. To share the good news of God’s plan of salvation and the hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ should be the context of all communication of the church. The media, print or broadcast, is a powerful medium for the church.  It is a means of reaching diverse audiences both within the church and externally through the use of contemporary technologies. Not only do we want to create a favorable image of the church, its mission, and activities, but present a witness that will impel many to become followers of Christ and become members of the church. To glorify God must be the fundamental intent of all communication.



The Communication Department of the Bermuda Conference looks after basic facets of communication for the Conference. All messages of the church should legitimately reflect the values and beliefs of our church. The Communication Department communicates policies, news, and church information to church members, church employees and the public at large. The areas of communication covered within the department are:

  • News and information
  • Public Relations
  • Media relations and media productions
  • Crisis Communications
  • On-line services

Mission Statement

The Communication Department will record, communicate and report mission-driven and pertinent information to constituents of the Bermuda Conference.  The Conference serves as a resource for the churches.



The Communication Department of the Conference is primarily responsible for communicating through following mediums the message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bermuda:



Adventists In Focus

Streams of Light 

Adventist Television (ATV)

Bermuda Conference Website



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