Bermuda Conference Triennial Session Results

Bermuda Conference Triennial Session Results

At the Bermuda Conference's 8th triennial Constituency Session held Sunday, September 30, the delegates voted to re-elect Jeffrey Brown, Kenneth Manders, and Derek Furbert, to serve another three-year term as president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. According to Donald G. King, Atlantic Union Conference president and chair of the session's nominating committee, it was a historical occasion for the Bermuda Conference because, by approximately 12:15 p.m., the nominating committee's report, which included all officers, departmental directors, and members of the executive committee, trustee committee, and the constitution and bylaws committee, was voted. A full report will be posted on the Web site and also included in the November issue of the Atlantic Union Gleaner.

Shown above: Dr. Carlyle Simmons, Secretary, Atlantic Union Conference; Pastor Kenneth Manders, Secretary, Bermuda Conference; Dr. Jeffery Brown, President, Bermuda Conference; Dr. Donald G.  King, President, Atlantic Union Conference; Elder Derek Furbert, Treasurer, Bermuda Conference; and Elder Leon Thomassian, Treasurer, Atlantic Union Conference.

Ednor A. P. Davison
Assistant to the President for Communication
Atlantic Union Conference

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